Water Clock 3D Screensaver

Water Clock 3D Screensaver

Water Clock 3D Screensaver will take you to an old watermill with a waterfall
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Imagine a beautiful waterfall around a wonderful giant clock made of wood and metal. Imagine the mechanism of the clock being moved by the flow of the water.
The Water Clock 3D Screensaver will provide all of these elements and more.

The clock is beautifully crafted, with a lot of detail in its gear mechanism.

The waterfall in the background is in perpetual motion and, accompanied by a very realistic sound, is the force that puts the gears in motion. Obviously, its hands will show you the actual time.

The scene is pretty mysterious, making your imagination soar and will have you imagining who could have built the clock. Perhaps it was built by strange characters like elves or dwarves.

The Water Clock 3D Screensaver is built with a new and very powerful engine that allows to create a very realistic and vivid scenery, including the clock itself, as well as the mechanism and the waterfalls.

Depending on the time of the day, the scene will have different lighting, contributing to avoid the same scene all the time, and very strange but beautiful effects.

To help you relax even more, the screensaver comes with a very soft music soundtrack that will surely let you forget about your everyday troubles. Or else, you can use your own music to enhance the ambience of relaxation even more!

This beautiful screensaver will attract attention from both family and coworkers, and will be a very good aid in your daily relaxation.

Fernando Soni
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  • Beautiful scenery
  • Excellent sounds


  • A little repetitious
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